Each country celebrates its fair share of festivals every year. Then what makes you think Canada will be left behind? A truly multicultural country is an open treat for all people. Diverse ethnicities thrive here and celebrate their unique identities without any fear.

Canadian festivals are crazier by the year, with the galas and carnivals with musical nights, each one of them immense a true radiation of pure love and ecstatic joy. Just imagine that joy is doubled with a comfortable and stylish limousine ride? It’s a cherry on top of the cake.

Time to Rock and Roll plus Ride!

Unlike other festivities, several festivals in Canada are assorted in summer.  Although some festivals are seasonal it’s only a few and far between. Do not worry about the seasons, they provide the perfect opportunity for you to have extravaganza fun.

Is it hard to decide which festival to skip or hit it? Well, the prominent ones are always crowded and crazier;

1. Waterfront Fest Festival

It’s a game on kind of a day for all Canadians. You never need a reason to celebrate anything but this festival is the mother of festivals in Toronto. It seems The Redpath Waterfront Festival will turn 10 this 2020 and you don’t need to lay back for this one.

Limo service rides are exclusively available to let you get on with the popular festival and lets you jump into the water with a big splash! Want to learn the best feature of this festival?

The world’s largest rubber duck is here!

A 6 storey stall, this mama duck weighs for 30,000 pounds! Well, you can boo the kids and intricate tales around it to scare kids (but just for fun!). With a tight schedule on the run, you will hear the uprising Canadian talented artists singing their way on the entertainment stage too.

2. Ribfest Festival

What’s a summer without the aroma of ribs cooking on the smoking hot grill?

Burlington holds Canada’s largest Ribfest Festival!

And it is the place to celebrate a rib fest with plenty of ribs, entertainment, and activities planned for the day. Thinking to bring you, extended family? It’s a great opportunity to meet the masses and one of the best times for social gatherings as well.

A food festival is everyone’s favorite and so come with a hungry belly and taste for grilled or barbeque food items. If you are a foodie and a Canadian, this is your time to celebrate. It’s a good way to spend the Labor Day weekend so get ready to mingle with people!

3. Taste of Asia Festival

Canada is home to various ethnicities, so even the Asian-Canadians get to celebrate the day boosting the local economy. This festival is a genuine means to bring people closer despite to which ethnic group they belong to.

An organic multicultural festival mosaic held June and July, people from neighboring areas visit the occasion with an open heart. Airport limousine is the choice of ride you need to book so you can reach the place just in time?

And guess what guys? This year the festival theme is based on the Philippines. Are you ready for the Filipino way of entertainment? You better be!

4. The Forest Festival

The reason why Canada is the most sought after country for tourism is the beautiful landscapes as well. So, if a festival is based especially on the flora, it’s one of the biggest honors for all. This festival is a way to enlighten and engage in the natural setting surround by the forest (of course).

Be ready in august to enjoy the World’s longest forest Canopy Walk! It’s pretty amazing and FYI it is Canada’s first FSC certified forest as well. The Wild Life Reserve here is well organized and responsible to provide sustenance for the natural setting.

So are you excited for the concert?

Wait, what? You didn’t know?!

One of the spectacular things to do is attend the concert but sorry guys, not extra snapshots allowed here! But you can try to enjoy the festival in a traditional human way when selfie was not a thing back then.

Is it ending already?! But we were just getting started!

No, festivities are just about to begin! Canada is the most impervious for mass celebrations. So a limo ride can take you all over Ontario to get the taste of thrill!