Toronto is fairly the cultural hub in Canada. The honour goes to the ethnical background and an open mind welcomes every person. The city is a thriving example of how capital should be. There are spontaneous landscapes with skyscrapers and adamant restaurants that are perfect for any occasion. Planning a day to visit Toronto is in your best interest.

With the hectic routine, you are unable to cherish the partner beside you who had given their support and fought tooth and nail to be with you.

Why not bring some cherish moments with them and plan a romantic getaway?

January is upon you, and it is the time to start our new year with a romantic getaway.

A little Romantic Pampering is on your way – Thanks to Airport Limo in Toronto

Limousine rides are no jokes. In the past when it was considered a holy ride, it now is a comfort you want to plan such a getaway. Everyone deserves a perfect limo ride booked for romantic occasions. Toronto has much to offer to everyone. It depends on your interest, and the idea of romanticism that brings out the real romantic in you and of course location also plays an ideal role. Thinking of some places you can enjoy your romantic weekend getaway to;

  • Luxury spa at Elora

Technically, it is just an hour and overdrive from Toronto, but it is exclusively recommended. A limo service ride is accommodating for such an occasion when you can pack your bags and have a romantic experience in a small town Canadiana. If you look down below the rocks and frivol river surrounded by natural vegetation is a giveaway for a spa location. Yoga studio, sauna, steam rooms and a fitness club all fit under the roof of Elora Mill Hotel and Spa.

It’s a place meant to relax and spend quality time with your partner.

  • A ferry ride to Toronto Islands

If you want to stretch your legs a little more than ferry ride it is. Although there is no comparison for a limo ride with a ferry both experiences are a must-have. Islands are an on spot place to spend a few good hours, with a planned picnic basket. You can get to spend your day on tram tours, biking and even boating down the lake.

So if you want to plan a surprise romantic picnic under the glistening sun (if it is sunny) then this picnic spot will not disappoint you at all.

  • Dinner at Roof Lounge at Park Hyatt Hotel

Hairdo? Check.

Cufflinks? Check.

Heels? On spot.

This is you getting ready for a romantic dinner getaway. Imagine your partner holds your hand and opens the door to the luxurious airport limo in Toronto you can get your hands on and voila! You reach the 18th floor of the Grand Hyatt. Now isn’t it just perfect?

The romantic setting will give you chills (in a good way) and you can sit under the twinkling lights and a cool breeze at the terrace setting or book a table inside by the glass wall with a perfect illuminated bird’s eye view of the city. Not only this but you can also plan a secret wedding with a close circle of the family before you reveal it to the world and host a grand reception! The setting is ideal for such gatherings.

  • Never too late for Niagara Falls

There is much that couples can engage themselves in one of the most popular and utterly romantic sites in Toronto. Niagara Falls is befitting for a romantic escape. You can enjoy a classic limo transfer with your partner and enjoy the accommodations with bed and breakfast facility; anticipation rises with the wine tour and more.

Summertime seems ideal for a romantic day but it is too filled with massive crowds, so it suffices to say you can plan a romantic day on a weekday. Take a day off and surprise!


With limited time at hand, it is never too late to plan a romantic getaway. You have the city, more than comfortable and accommodating limo service at your doorstep, so just plan and get going!